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Welcome to the Align Assessment!

The following 32 questions are organized around the 4 Decisions framework – People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash - of the Scaling Up business methodology. This Assessment will help you to understand the current state of your business and in which areas you should focus first.

How to proceed:

1. Take the assessment
Average time to take the assessment is 4 minutes.
We want to make sure that you are honest with yourself and really think about your company’s current status. It’s also important to gain consensus among your leadership team, so you might have each of the team members take the assessment and then compare results.

2. Your results will be provided to one of our Align advisors
We will evaluate your results to understand your company’s current status and identify ways that the Align software may be able to help you scale up your company.

3. We will contact you to discuss your results and an action plan
One of our Align advisors will contact you to discuss your results and how the Align software can help your company implement good business habits to drive growth.

Ready to take the next step into your business growth? Let’s start!

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